Urban innovation and Commons in Ferrara at the “Internazionale” Festival!

From Semptember 30th to October 2nd in Ferrara will be held the 2016 edition of the Internazionalefestival, with more than 200 guests, 31 represented countries, 60 newspapers and 120 planned meetings.


The “Internazionale” festival of Ferrara continues to be a great way for trying to know the world and to understand it better. Several topics will be discussed during those three days with experts and journalists from all aver the world: from the rise of populist movements to the new jihadists, from homophobia to bullying, not leaving out lighter topics.

On Sunday 2nd, at 2 PM in the Teatro Nuovo, LabGov will be in Ferrara with its two co-founders, Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione, to talk about Cities and Commons, urban innovation and collaboration with two other guests: Massimo Lepore (TAMassociati) and Joachim Meerkerk (Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam).

The full program of the event is available here: http://www.internazionale.it/festival/programma