WITHYOUWEDO Telecom Italia – Crowdfunding for MappiNa

WITHYOUWEDO Crowdfunding
is the Reward Based Crowdfunding platform and Donation Based Crowdfunding Telecom Italia that can support innovative projects by making concrete digital ideas, through the support of the community. 15 projects has been presented and they are now online on the website.

home.1-6d4a1ae2Among all projects presented , there is MappiNa- Mappa alternative della città. MappiNa is a collaborative platform that draws a different cultural image of the city through the contribution of its inhabitants. Born in Naples and a few months ago launched in Milan, Rome and Venice-Mestre, MappiNa wants to encourage citizens to watch their city outside the stereotypes, promoting collaboration in the reuse of resources. Mappina – in Naples – is the cloth used and abused, but useful in the daily practice of those who take care of the house. Building Mappina is a bit like living in the city.

The platform allows anyone to geotag photos, video, sounds and texts. By doing this, they contribute to create a variety of maps based on the urban culture. It is expressed in street art, in street games, the unexpected encounters – in practical use of public space – urban self-produced furnishings to make more comfortable the city (Map of Places). Sounds and words heard on the street (Map of Sounds), in its spaces uncertain and abandoned properties (Map leavers) and reusability temporary (Map of Ideas), in the variety of operators producing culture and the multitude of events that spread (Map of Performers and Events). The goal is to compose, through daily experience, a map that is a collective narrative, which is an occasion rethink alternative ways to govern the city.

To participate as a donor: http://wedo.telecomitalia.com/projects/860/mappina-mappa-alternativa-delle-citta




WITHYOUWEDO Telecom Italia – Crowdfunding for MappiNa

WITHYOUWEDO Crowdfunding è la piattaforma di Reward Based Crowdfunding e di Donation Based Crowdfunding di Telecom Italia che permette di sostenere progetti innovativi rendendo concrete idee di talento in ambito digitale, attraverso il supporto della community.

Tra i progetti attivi presentati e adesso online c’è MappiNa.  Si tratta di una piattaforma collaborativa che grazie al crowdsourcing urbano disegna una diversa immagine culturale delle città attraverso il contributo, critico ed operativo, dei suoi abitanti. La piattaforma permette a chiunque di georeferenziare foto, video, suoni e testi e contribuire alla costruzione di una varietà di mappe fondate su quella cultura urbana che si esprime nella street art, nei giochi in strada, negli incontri inaspettati, ecc.

Per partecipare: http://wedo.telecomitalia.com/projects/860/mappina-mappa-alternativa-delle-citta