#WonderGrottole: design, contemporary living and regeneration


Matera Design Evolution is a project designed and organized by Associazione Casa Netural that will take place on November 25th and 26th in Matera, European Culture Capital for 2019. Design becomes a tool to think and invent new ways to regenerate the old historical center of Grottole (Matera).
A community composed by designers, artisans and practitioners  will reunite for two days of workshops to elaborate and build together all the different aspects of #WonderGrottole. It will be a design network, a community aggregator, a unique experience to meet, know each other, share experiences, work together for a magical territory: Matera, Grottole and Basilicata.

The community of Wonder Grottole is looking for someone to co-design together: the crowdfunding strategy for the project, the architectural concept, the IA, the mobility, the web platform, the manifesto, the governance.

The program will be structured as following:
– On the first day the project will be introduced to the participants through a walk in and out of Grottole;
– On the first and second day participants will be divided into work groups, and each of them will be developing an aspect of the project. Then everybody will reunite for lunch and dinner, to update each other on the process.

At the end of the two days, the output will be the definitive choice of the house, and the definition of:
– the Manifesto;
– the web platform;
– the economic plan;
– the timeline
– homeworks (!);
– dates for the next meetings;
Moreover, the project supporters are going to subscribe the Foundation document of the project.

Chiara Prevete, LabGov’s executive director, will attend the meeting.

The full program of the event is available here: http://www.materadesign.com/

Il 25 e 26 novembre Matera ospiterà #WonderGrottole: due giorni di workshop intensivi per ripensare e co-disegnare la rigenerazione del centro storico del comune di Grottole