XXIX SISP – Sharing economy’s EVERYWHERE!

indexOn the 12 of September Prof. Christian Iaione, LabGov’s Coordinator, will participate to the XXIX annual conference of the Società Italiana di Scienza Politica, the leading Italian association of the political scientists of which the famous Giovanni Sartori and Norberto Bobbio were presidents.

The conference will take place in the University of Calabria and it is divided into panels for shared interested. Prof. Iaione will participate in the panel devoted to sharing economy in the local public policies. In the same panel will partecipate also Monica Bernardi and David Diamantini who will speak about the sharing economy models and also Silvio Bolognini and Daniela Bosetto who will analyze a cause study in Lombardia.

maxresdefaultProf. Iaione abstract title is Pooling law: from sharing to pooling economy Designing laws, institutions and regulations that make people live together. Has he said the aim of his speech is “to introduce an innovative, bottom-up, adaptive, experimental approach to create legal and institutional frameworks based on urban polycentric governance fostering collaborative and sharing economy.”

Speaking about sharing economy Prof. Iaione has been interviewed by Shareable lately. In the interview he explained “All levels of local governments must find ways to collaborate with engaged citizens and associations to carry out initiatives, activities and even a local economy respect that sustain interest and needs of the general population. These collaborative governance efforts are also crucial tools to properly address and help in solving a widespread crisis engulfing urban areas and citizens across the globe.” He doesn’t explicit address the sharing economy topic but speaking about commons and collaborative effort is quite intuitive the link with the sharing economy because the aim at the end is to find a new and better way to solve problems. Additionally sharing economy need trust, if you want a thriving sharing economy we need to create a culture of collaboration. Giving this trend can create an alternatives market of goods and service across society.

Sito genericaLabGov has a vivid interest in sharing economy. The forthcoming conference “The City as a Commons: Reconceiving Urban Space, Commons Goods And City Governance” that we are organizing in collaboration with the Fordham University of New York and the ICEDD of the LUISS University of Rome will analyze as well the topic of sharing economy.

The Conference will take place in Bologna on 6-7 November. It will be divided into six tracks. Those tracks elaborate the phenomenon of urban commons, one of this in particular is dedicated on “the Collaborative Sharing Economy as the Basis for a Commons-Based Urban Economy” . During the conference we will go through all the aspect of the emerging collaborative economy.