You want to be the new Flavio Briatore directly from your PC?! Now you can.

Crowdfunding has shown in the last years to be a viable alternative to conventional sources of financing, and to be especially able to give visibility to a project if is shared from a large public. But, what can be the limit?
Looking at more successful projects we can find that most of them are the items of new technologies, objects that make people dream… and what about a Formula1?
David Brabham, son of the famous pilot Jack Brabham, decided to bring back to life the team founded by his father, who won four world titles, two of them with another famous father, Nelson Pique.
David has included a call on Indiegogo, a platform for crowdfunding campaing, where he started to look for $ 250 000 in order to create the team and move the project forward. The first will be a kind of test year in the World Endurance Championship (WEC), and then if things will go well they will try to arrive at the Formula1.
Obviously this budget is not enough, cause it’s more than 8 million dollars that they need just to participate at the WEC and many more for the Formula1, however David explained that if the project will take off, important sponsors will come out and this will cover most of the costs, and it is therefore essential to have a lot of people that participate and share this project and their experience.
Another interesting innovation that they propose is transparency. Mr. Brabham announced that they will not keep all the secrets close inside the team and if some brave engineer wants to participate to the project can do so by getting all the information and internal documents of the team, to be able to analyze them and provide his comments or ideas.
Obviously being an operation of crowdfunding will not be fully open to everyone, but you have to buy the “package” that interests you the most, with costs ranging from $ 1 to 10 000, and in which are included different privileges: training days for pilots, confidential data for the engineers or simple news preview for fans!

If you want to donate or just learn more about the project, below you’ll find the link, but hurry up because the first target of $ 250,000 has already been achieved in less than 3 months!



Diventare il nuovo Flavio Briatore direttamente dal tuo pc? ora si può!


L’idea del crowdfunding è da tempo diventata una realtà consolidata, nonché una valida alternativa alle più convenzionali risorse di finanziamento.

Ma fino a che punto può espandersi la partecipazione del pubblico? La risposta dell’ambizioso progetto di David Brabham, ci assicura, è quella di condividere progetti e tecnologie da sogno, come quelle della Formula 1.

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