Cities and international law in the Urban Age: LabGov presents research on the role of cities and city networks in global urban health governance in the Hague

On 14 & 15 March, the Asser Institute Center for International and European LAW in The Hague is hosting an international conference on the internationalisation of cities: Cities and international law in the Urban Age. The conference is part of Asser’s research project on global cities and international law, ‘The Global City: The Role of Law, Then and Now’. The conference co-chairs, Helmut Aust (Freie Universität Berlin), Janne Nijman (T.M.C. Asser Instituut/University of Amsterdam) are working on a book project on this topic and the conference is gathering chapters’ authors to discuss preliminary drafts of their contribution. The conference supported by the Municipality of The Hague and the Gieskes Strijbis Foundation and benefits moreover from close contacts with the International Law Association’s Study Group ‘The Role of Cities in International Law’ .

The conference program is available here.

LabGovs’ researchers Christian Iaione and Elena De Nictolis will contribute with a chapter on The Role of Cities in Global Urban Health Governance, named “Glocalized Laws for a Commons-based Urban welfare State”. The chapter investigates the role of cities in the institutional and regulatory framework of global health governance. The chapter proposes an empirical analysis of international and EU case studies of policies calling upon cities to improve urban health and welfare and provides innovative legal and financing tools for urban health infrastructures.

The conference gather a pool of scholars dealing with a number of cross-cutting issues regarding the relationship between cities and the international law and global governance. The conference hosted a keynote speech by the prominent scholar Yshai Blank (Professor of Law and the Head of the Ph.D. Program at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law). Among the many panels, the Panel V. The changing relationship between Cities, States and International Law chaired by Dimitri van den Meerssche hosts contribution by LabGov Georgetown scholars Sheila Foster and Chrystie Swiney The Urbanization of International Legal Relations and contribution by Eduard Fromageau on the Role of Cities in Global Administrative Law, (a field where the Italian legal scholar Sabino Cassese is a leading scholar). The contribution by Professor Barbara Oomen (Utrecht University, project leader of the Cities of Refuge project) on Cities, Refugees and Migration in Panel III highlighted the role of cities in securing human rights protection, analyzing several case studies such as Barcelona, which is investing considerable efforts towards implementation of human rights through a strategy based on supporting urban commons.