CO-Reggio Emilia is a process promoted by the municipality of Reggio Emilia in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and with the scientific, strategical and organizational support of LabGov (LABoratorio per la GOVernance dei beni comuni) and Kilowatt.

The first phase of the project is centered upon the creation of a collaboratory, #CollaboratorioRe, a path that will lead to the creation of the Open Laboratory (Laboratorio Aperto) of Reggio Emilia. November the 8th and Wednesday the 9th of 2016 the partecipants will come together to engage for the last two co-design sessions, with the aim of assessing the proposals that emerged during the first phase and of drawing the path that will be followed in the phases to come. Those sessions are the closure of a 3 months process, with four workshops and a public launch event.



Valeria Montanari, Councillor for innovation, administrative simplification, participation and care of the neighborhoods of Reggio Emilia, defines the collaboratory as the new “incubator” for the sharing economy, a reality that will generate a new way of thinking about the city. The path of #CollaboratorioRe will enable us to define the subject that will take care not only of a physical space (The Chiostri di San Pietro, that were completely regenerated thanks to an investment of the Municipality) but also of a new economic institution. The Open Laboratory will be a space to experiment, a space where new forms of democracy and economy will be practiced, a space where employment and competences will be created, a space where  innovative solutions will be created to answer to the needs of individuals and of the community. For this place to come into existence #CollaboratorioRe has imagined a path of collaborative planning, composed of three different phases.

The process

The first phase consisted in launching a public call to allow all the actors to express their interest in participating in the co-design process and to propose their ideas. Alongside with this, a series of thematic workshop of presentation took place and saw the participation of hundreds of citizens. The two days of co-design that close this first phase will be the occasion to reflect on the themes, values and suggestions that emerged from these initiatives and to identify the elements that could become the foundations of the Open Laboratory.

Following the co-design sessions a second phase will open, a phase that will see the transformation of Reggio Emilia into a field of experimentation for collaboration, where the multiple realities involved will work together to produce immediate solutions to the needs that have been identified.

Building on what will emerge from the whole process, in the third phase it will be possible to define the guidelines for the Open Laboratory and to design the identity, the methods and the form of governance of the future actor.

More informations on the #CollaboratorioRe process are available on the official website, where it is also possible to find the calendar of the next activities.