Release of Purpose Power: How Mission-Driven Leaders Engage for Change by Alicia Bonner Ness

The book explains the Heptagon Method, a seven-step framework that helps one take big ideas from ideology to action. It instructs how one can motivate its allies to become advocates for its cause. According to the author -self-described as a strategist, life architect, problem-solver, fundraiser and feminist-, we cannot change things by fighting the existing reality but by creating a new model that makes the old model obsolete. Often, when one is focused on sparking change, the natural instinct is to rush to action. This bias toward action and against analysis paralysis—the antithesis of enthusiasm and momentum—can be a real asset for organizations motivated to make a difference. But leaders should also be wary of haphazard action leading to inconsistent results. This book clarifies the strategic sequence of action required to catalyze a movement.

The idea dates back to 2016 when, as a field organizer in Florida, the author saw firsthand how the Democrats’ lack of ideological clarity helped elect Donald Trump. Thus, Purpose Power builds on her personal and professional experience, plus extensive research, to offer a framework from which to rebuild trust, invite dialogue and catalyze progress. It is meant to be a toolkit for action to explain how inspiring ideas become movements.

As one of Alicia Bonner Ness’ objectives is to bring people together to share their values and vision to one another, she will be hosting gatherings across the country. For instance, she will be organizing a meeting in Nashville at the end of March and another one in Washington DC on April 16th.