Save the date! On the 16th of March LUISS LabGov is hosting the first meeting of the incubation process of the “Local Action Plan of the Collaboratory of Rome”

On Saturday, 16th of March, at 11:00 a.m. at Fusolab 2.0, will start the co-planning process of the “Local Action Plan of the Collaboratorio of Rome”. The activity represents a fundamental stage of the Horizon2020 Open Heritage project, which investigate and test in six EU cities sustainable and inclusive governance models for the reuse of cultural heritage in cities.

“Antica Osteria” inside the Public Archeological Park of Centocelle.

Open Heritage promotes an open definition of the concept of cultural heritage, including all the sites which, while being in a state of abandonment or under-utilization, have not only a practical but also a symbolic meaning for the reference communities. Those sites, which have strong potential in terms of social and economic development and growth for the territory, can be targeted by local communities to host activities which require the participation of all stakeholders in the area: citizens, NGOs, local government representatives, research institutions and private enterprises companies that can help define sustainable and innovative action lines and business models. In this way, it will be possible to transform territory challenges into real opportunities for social and economic growth, as well as actions that facilitate cohesion, integration and sustainable development of the territories.

Coordinated by the LUISS LabGov team, the meeting will be open to all stakeholders active in the Alessandrino-Centocelle-Torre Spaccata district, that want to participate in defining the mission, objectives and strategies of the “Local Action Plan”, as well as creating a shared agenda to structure the activities that will start in the following months.