Student Housing -Rome Edition-

Thanks to the attractiveness of a very little competitive yet dynamic and cost-efficient market (as compared to traditional sectors), student housing is one of the most successful asset class in Italy.

Considering that student housing in Italy accommodates 2% of University students compared to a European average of 19%, and since the number of beds-to- students ratio totalises 3% in Italy, for a European average of 6% in Spain, 23% in the UK, it seems obvious that accomodations for students and lecturers will increase both in terms of quantity and quality in the coming years.

With a quality of life in Rome outweighing education costs, the city is in the front line in the Italian cities ranking for student housing applications, -e.g the demand off-campus now exceeds 35.000 units-, and attracts more and more investors and stakeholders aiming to address the rising demand in student accomodations.

The fourth Edition of the Student Housing Congress will consider the specific dynamics of the Rome market as well as the opportunities created for all stakeholders: managers, workers, investors, public actors and Universities. The meeting will also address the role of student housing as leverage for the development and urban regeneration, the integration in new legal framework of residential housing, hotels, co-working and co-living, the specialisation of services and investments prospects in the short and long-term.

Hereafter, the detailed program: