Fordham Urban Law Center

The Fordham Urban Law Center is committed to understanding and affecting the legal system’s place in contemporary urbanism. Law is central to almost every aspect of the life of 21st-century cities, influencing critical issues as diverse as the structure of local governance, the regulation of the built environment, and social justice in the urban context. In turn, the complexity, density, and diversity of urban life shape the law.

The Center is dedicated to:

  • examining the role of the legal system in contemporary urbanism;
  • advancing the scholarship, pedagogy, and practice of urban law; and
  • affecting the most pressing issues facing America’s metropolitan areas.

A majority of the world’s population is living in urban environments for the first time in history. Through its innovative programs and in collaboration with its academic partners, the Urban Law Center aims to be a premier resource for exploring the role of law in the myriad challenges and opportunities that face the global urban commons.

The Center also sponsors a State & Local Government eJournal as part of SSRN’s Legal Scholarship Network. The eJournal includes working and accepted paper abstracts that examine a range of urban, state, and local government law and policy issues. Visit the eJournal page for details about papers and subscriptions.