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Human Fraternity crosses the gates of Rome to enter the world: Fratelli Tutti’s mission to reconstruct a new grammar of humanity

«Every man is our brother, every woman is our sister, always. We want all to live together, as brothers and sisters in the Garden that is the Earth. The Garden of fraternity is the condition for all life»[i]. Thus began the Rome Declaration on Human Fraternity,...

The Hidden Environmental Impact of Our Digital Lives

Introduction Technology has become a central part of our lives, as more and more aspects of our daily routines rely on digital technologies. While our lives have become “smart”, little thought has been given to the environmental consequences. Since technology is often...

Smart and Sustainable Mobility. A multi-layered governance strategy

 The story behind pollution  The modern world requires speed, adaptability, and precision. All these three adjectives are not meant to be a statement for people, they are more suitable for a car advertisement. From the beginning, starting with Ford Model T by Henry...

Degrowth & fashion: future allies or eternal enemies?

Degrowth is a social movement, a political debate, and an academic field of research. “An equitable reduction in production and consumption that increases human well-being and improves ecological conditions at the local and global level, in the short and long term” as...

Urban Food Systems: a challenge to holistic approaches?

Manfredi Valeriani   The complexity of the world we live in requires more and more encompassing approaches towards the problems that societies face across the globe. New conceptualizations of development and sustainability have been created in the past based on...

The panel we presided over today, July 9, 2024, during the ICON•S Annual Conference, was chaired by Professor Christian Iaione, titled:
"Power Asymmetries in the Algorithmic State".

🗣️The speakers were: Sangh Rakshita; Sofia Ranchordas; Carmen Plaza and Antonio Davola.



Finally, during the first day of the ICON•S Conference, the panel titled "Cities as Spaces of #Challenges and #Solutions for Our Sustainable and Digital #Future" featured Prof. Christian Iaione, Benedicta Quarcoo and Dr. Elena De Nictolis of @UniLUISS.

#ICONS #IEUniversity


During the first day of the 2024 ICON•S Annual Conference at @IEuniversity in Madrid, the panel titled: "Climate Change between Law and Justice: Theoretical and Epistemological Approaches" was chaired by Dr. Elena De Nictolis and featured postdoctoral fellow Anna Berti Suman.


Yesterday, July 8th the 2024 ICON•S Annual Conference began at @IEuniversity in Madrid.

The first panel we attended was discussed by @UniLUISS PhD candidates Mario Manna and Benedicta Quarcoo. They discussed the panel: "Disability #Rights, #Digitalisation, and the Role of #AI".


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Recent Publications & Projects

“Partnerships for Innovation and Sustainability” 1/2024 – MUNUS

We are excited to announce that researchers from the LabGov ETS research team, led by Professor Christian Iaione, have contributed to writing articles for the issue 1/2024 of the legal journal on public services, MUNUS, titled "PARTNERSHIPS FOR INNOVATION AND...

The Regulation on Democracy and Urban and Climate Justice in Reggio Emilia

The Regulation on Democracy and Urban and Climate Justice in Reggio Emilia unifies in a single text the values and methods to ensure participation and collaboration among urban innovators from different categories, according to the quintuple helix paradigm in the...

New Review of the Co-Cities Book in the Journal of Design and Culture (Taylor & Francis) by Jacob DeGeal

Check out the review of the Co-Cities Book by Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione (The MIT Press) in the Journal of Design and Culture (Taylor & Francis) by Jacob DeGeal.   Click here:...

Interview with Sheila Foster for Nature Cities on “New Inroads for Community-Centric Placemaking”

  Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione’s great work with LabGov.City, was also featured in Nature Cities magazine, through an interview with Sheila Foster for the article on “New Inroads for Community-Centric Placemaking,” conducted by Anneliese (Lisa) Palmer. “As...

Energy Award Winner 2023 – Co-Cities Book awarded in the category of Best Book about the ‘Commons’

Each year, the The American Energy Society spotlights the most extraordinary contributions to energy and sustainability. We are thrilled to announce that among the winners of the Energy Awards 2023 is the book “Co-Cities: Innovative Transitions toward Just and...

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