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LabGov Summer Reads

Happy summer everybody! Whether you are relaxing on a beach or you are lacking ideas for books to read this fall, have a look at LabGov’s random and inexhaustive summer reads suggestions. Feel free to share this article and comment with your favorite city reads on our...

Will urban farming save our cities? Perspectives from Detroit and Brussels

by Remi Guillem & Carlo Epifanio Recent whistleblowers of global warming have found their scapegoat. Urban areas have been pointed out as accounting for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions while representing slightly 2% of the Earth’s surface. Large cities, as giant...

Hostello delle Idee – Commons Lab

Transforming a common space in Terni (Umbria) into a common good is one of LabGov’s new project. In collaboration with Indisciplinarte and many others, LabGov is leading the project “hostello delle idee” aimed at regenerating an ex-guesthouse. In September, it will...

A Commons approach to urban collectives

How Area Based Collaborative Enterprises are a strategy for economic, social and ecologic vitality in a city ABCitiEs descended on Athens to gather for the second interregional meeting. In a city that is recovering from a devastating crisis with the help of a tourism...

Pooling urban commons: the Civic eState

Naples’ Urban Civic Uses policy is characterised by the way artists, creatives, innovators and city inhabitants are entitled to organise themselves to establish forms of self-government for critical social infrastructure including urban commons such as abandoned,...

Recent Publications

The Co-Cities Open Book

The Co-Cities Open Book is the result of years of research and experimentations on the field to investigate new forms of collaborative city-making that are pushing urban areas towards new frontiers of participatory urban governance, inclusive economic growth and...

The Co-City Cycle

The observation and analysis of more than 400 policies and projects enabling co-creation, co- production, and co-governance of urban assets and services in more than 130 cities (www.commoning.city) led us to identify five design principles and a legal and financial...

The Right to the Co-City

Christian Iaione, LabGov Faculty Director, published a new study "The Right To the Co-city" on the Italian Journal of Public Law, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2017, p. 80. This study is an effort to contribute to the current urban studies debate on the way to conceptualize the...

Commons in the political space, for a post capitalist transition – The Interviews

What are relations between commons and politics? In the last few years, the commons have enriched themselves with their entry into political institutions at the level of states, large cities or regions, whether in Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Britain, France, Italy, and...

Agenda RE-CYCLE – Proposte per reinventare la città

Between 1999 and 2012 around 300 million cubic meters of new constructions have been created in Italy. Following the crash of the real estate market in 2007, this construction boom resulted in the presence of an enormous amount of unfinished and unused building in the...

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Policies to support the public demand for innovation

On July 9th, the city of Naples will host the third stage of the Roadshow to promote knowledge and the use of innovative tenders. What are the opportunities related to the use of innovative contracts? What are the tools to make the most of them? To what extent can...

Capital Business Forum 4th edition

The 4th edition of the Capital Business Forum will take place at Luiss University, room 200 viale Romania 32, Luiss University from June 18th 9am to June 19th 5.30 pm. The Rome Forum follows the successful events in Beijing (2016 and 2018) at Beijing Normal University...

Placemaking Week Europe 2019

Placemaking Week Europe 2019 is Europe’s biggest conference and festival celebrating the impact of placemaking on the urban fabric. From June 12th-15th, roughly 400 placemakers, representing professionals from a variety of disciplines, including politicians, civil...

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