CO-Roma Project


CO-Roma is a project developed by of LabGov ETS (LABoratory for the GOVernance of commons) of the city of Rome. It involves is a 

coalition of different actors (associations; enterprises; social partners; educational institutions; etc.) who have embarked on a common 

path towards the enhancement, promotion, and management of the commons in the city of Rome. The project offers a place to collect, 

share, incubate and develop new projects that aim to build collaborative neighbourhood communities through common cultural and s

ocial traditions. It is to also foster social and economic activities in the city of Rome to increase the local communities social, economic, 

and environmental sustainability. Co-Roma operates on various working sites; open in the city of Rome, the main one is in the 

South-Eastern co-district of Rome. Heritage walks, meetings, and workshops, together with micro-regeneration activities, such as 

revitalizing the Archaeological Park of Centocelle have been carried out through the past years under the project Co-Roma.

More projects under this main project are in the pipeline to make cities more inclusive and socially well-governed.


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