The fourth workshop and co-working of the Urban Clinic hosted NTT Data Design on the Luiss Webex platform.

Our guest, Dr. Elena Ciccarelli  and her team explained us how the multinational NTT Data was born and what the “Digital Entity” team is responsible for within the NTT group. Their activity deals with digital transformation, design process and customer experience. Mrs. Ciccarelli highlighted that in her profession open innovation is a fundamental element, especially during this period in which technology is having an exponential growth amplifying its range of action to several sectors and activities of daily life. Mr. Michele Danti, a member of the Digital Entity team remembered us the importance of designing on the basis of big data. To be more explicit, the NTT team exposed some examples of digital innovation processes by exposing Case Studies from previous contracts, for instance, the creation of apps for customers of telephone carriers (TIM and Vodafone) or Internet Banking Services. Once the consulting session, in the field of design, data processing and storytelling has been held, the Team prepared us for Saturday’s co-working with the scope of deepening and applying the theoretical notions learned during the workshop to the realization of the project of the LabGov clinic.

Let’s get started for Saturday’s co-working! The LabGovers have been divided into three groups, with one member of NTT Data leading each group. The students learned with enthusiasm, how to use the Mural platform in order to perform some practical activities. The first group “Trend” focused on creating a solid basis for the digital platform hosting their project. The second group “Feasibility” took care of defining the customer’s priorities and converge them with the project, so as to focus on various assumptions of products and services to offer. Finally, the third group “Economy” began to map the stakeholders of our project and later, they identified the services and goods needed to create value.

After lunch, everyone gathered to share the activities done during the morning. After that, a member of the LabGov team presented the draft version of the investor pitch to the hosts. The NTT data team had the opportunity to express critiques and gave a feedback and some insights and ideas on which to focus in order to develop the project based on collaborative digital innovation. To conclude the fourth co-working, the students are updated on the execution of community gardening hours that cannot be carried out in the Luiss Community Garden but will be employed in the realization of video tutorials of sustainable activities and advices for a sustainable lifestyle that one can perform at home.

During these next weeks, the LabGovers will work on the presentation of the investor pitch to be ready for the next and very exciting module of Legal Design, in which students will reflect on innovative ways to overcome legal barriers on sustainability with a team of experts from Berlin.

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