The urban regeneration of the area of the former military garrison Macrico (MAgazzino Centrale RImessa mezzi COrazzati – hereafter “Macrico”) located in a central and neuralgic area of the city of Caserta finds its genesis in the willingness on the part of the Curia of Caserta, currently, the owner of the site, to activate a process of sustainable urban development that sees in the collaboration between public, economic, social, scientific and civic actors and in the Participation Foundation “Casa Fratelli Tutti” a shared and collaborative governance tool of the process.

The name of the Foundation, “Casa Fratelli Tutti,” summarizes the goal of the episcopal magisterium of Monsignor Pietro Lagnese, Bishop of Caserta in connection with Pope Francis’ third encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” on fraternity and social friendship, combining the goals of urban regeneration in the context of Caserta with the programmatic intentions of integral ecology.

The regeneration process and the Foundation intend to place themselves in direct implementation of the principles of the papal encyclical Laudato Si’ and Mensuram Bonam the initiative of the Dicastery for Integral Human Development published in November 2022 aimed at generating an impact measurement matrix to guide investments toward compliance with the following dimensions: natural, to reduce the ecological footprint through actions aimed at safeguarding and enhancing environmental matrices such as water, air, land, biodiversity, and energy; human, to stimulate a balanced relationship between the environment, people and spirituality; social and economic, with the expected result of stimulating new responsible and collaborative economic models capable of acting on poverty and the vulnerabilities of fragile individuals.

The Participation Foundation and the urban regeneration project have as their priority purpose the promotion of the community settled in the Caserta area of social, cultural, educational, training, recreational, sports, welfare, innovation and technology transfer services suitable for improving the quality of life and economic attractiveness of Caserta and its community. The promoter of the foundation is the Diocese of Caserta, which signed the foundation charter and contributed to the endowment of the initial assets. Since it is a participatory foundation, its social base and governance are ipso facto designed and built to be open and inclusive, especially toward the local community and its exponential public entities.

The project aims to make Macrico, a site to date in a state of abandonment, a park for innovation-oriented toward sustainable development, climate neutrality, social inclusion, personal care, enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, enhancement of the genius loci and Mediterranean agricultural and food vocation, industrial vocation and acceleration of innovation and technology transfer between universities, research centers, industry and SMEs.