The fifth module is designed as a time to analyze the critical issues that emerged during the course in order to refine the project idea. In this regard, the workshop session will be devoted to an analysis of GDPR and critical issues related to data sharing in healthcare. By the end of the workshop, GrinnerZs will have gained an overview of the GDPR and will have understood the tools for solving any critical issues in the legal sphere.

In the co-working session, on the other hand, the GrinnerZs will be able to present their idea in front of a panel of practitioners, with different expertise, who will give feedback to the students. During this session, the GrinnerZs will also be able to ask the guests questions in order to improve the project idea ahead of the closing day.

Workshop: Feasibility Analysis
Speaker: Prof. Filiberto Brozzetti

Co-Working: “Pre-Pitching” and listening to feedback
Jury: GrInn.City, Prof. Christian Fernando Iaione, Doc. Claudia Bugno, Doc. Assunta De Luca, Doc. Luna Kappler, Doc. Alessandro Piperno