The first module will be devoted to providing GrinnerZs with the tools to be able to apply design thinking methodologies. The workshop session will provide theoretical concepts for identifying and analyzing certain social/environmental needs to be addressed. Then, it will be shown how it is possible to respond to these needs by providing solutions that are also economically sustainable in an entrepreneurial perspective aimed at generating a positive impact. The GrinnerZ will not only analyze these concepts from a theoretical point of view but they will have the opportunity to hear testimonials from start-ups and companies generating positive impacts. In the co-working session, on the other hand, the GrinnerZs will analyze the needs within the challenge and then map the stakeholders involved and link their respective needs to each of them. In addition, they will be provided with the necessary skills create tools that can understand stakeholder needs such as questionnaires and interviews.

The goal is to teach the GrinnerZs the importance of engaging all stakeholders, envisioning from the outset how they can ensure an active role for all project beneficiaries.

Workshop: Design Thinking as a tool for value creation

Speakers: Doc. Azzurra Spirito, Doc. De Luca

Best practices: Made in Carcere , Pedius


Co-Working: Idea generation through design thinking

Facilitators: GrInn.City, Doc. Alessandro Piperno, Doc. Luna Kappler, Doc. Assunta De Luca