This module is focused on developing a governance model that is not only open and involves all stakeholders but is also able to return value to anyone who contributes to generating it. In this regard, the workshop will be devoted to explaining the topic of co-governance to the GrinnerZs. In addition, GrinnerZs will hear testimonies from actors who have managed to implement and put into practice co-governance models even in the digital world.

The co-working session will focus on putting into practice the knowledge gained in the workshop session in order to develop a governance scheme that ensures an active role for all actors involved and that is also able to distribute value to all those who participate in creating it.

Workshop: Dott.ssa De Nictolis

Workshop: Co-governance and stakeholder engagement
Speaker: Prof. Iaione
Best practices: CooperACTiva, Reggio Emilia, Tiber Foundation

Co-Working: Building an inclusive governance model
Facilitators: GrInn.City, Doc. Luna Kappler