The complicated pandemic situation we have been facing for two years now has brought with it many changes, one of the main ones being the way we live in the city. The issues caused by this situation are not all new; the pandemic has also exacerbated previously critical situations. This opens the door to numerous scenarios for rethinking the city of the future. One of the preeminent aspects brought to light by this situation is the way we have been accustomed to using health services within the cities in which we live. This aspect will be one of the key developments that will lead to rethinking the city no longer as a mere urban agglomeration, but as a hub for experimenting with a new system of Healthcare 4.0. For a city that wants to improve in terms of managing the flow of people and fair access to the healthcare system, the transition to a Healthcare 4.0 system will make it possible for these services to be accessed in a rapid, decentralized, and inclusive manner.

The GrInn Lab kick-off day will be a time to introduce GrinnerZs to this topics, and through the valuable interventions of the guests who will punctuate the semester’s activities, from both the academic and professional worlds, give a jump start to the work of the Grinn Lab.

Kick-off day speakers: Doc. Claudia Bugno, Doc. Giovanni Lo Storto, Prof.Christian Iaione, Prof. Federica Meoli, Team GrInn.City.