The second module is aimed to investigate the possible synergies between digital innovation and the healthcare sector. The workshop session will be dedicated to the study of emerging technologies and how they can be applied in the healthcare sector. By the end of this workshop, GrinnersZ will be clear on how the main emerging technologies (e.g., Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) work and their possible applications. Again, the GrinnerZs will be able to engage with start-ups and companies active in healthcare 4.0. The Co-Working session, on the other hand, will be dedicated to selecting those digital innovations that are best able to respond to the needs previously identified and that are best able to support the various Stakeholders involved.

Workshop: The positive impact of digitization in the health sector
Speakers: Prof. Tania Di Mascio, Doc. Diana Bruno
Best practices: Enel X, O3 Enterprise S.r.l.

Co-Working: Digital solutions for the transition to healthcare 4.0
Facilitators: GrInn.City, Doc. Luna Kappler