The third module’s theme is the economic sustainability of the project. In this regard, the workshop will focus on raising awareness of the tools through which it is possible to finance a project such as the one the GrinnerZs will implement. In particular, it will be analyzed the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP), which places a strong emphasis on Healthcare 4.0.

In addition, the concepts of Sustainable and Social Finance as additional tools aimed at financing the project idea will be analyzed. The Co-Working session will be dedicated to analyzing the business model concept and then creating that of the project idea that the GrinnerZs will develop.

Workshop: Financing Tools and Business Model
Speakers: Futuritaly, Doc. Benedetta Gillio, Prof. Roberto Sallustio, Doc. Alessandro Piperno

Co-Working: Business Model Ideation
Facilitators: GrInn.City, Doc. Alessandro Piperno