The fourth module of the Urban Clinic will take place on the 3rd and 4th of April. Once again, the students, the team and our guest, Elena Ciccarelli, engagement director for NTT DATA will meet on the Luiss platform. The workshop of Friday, from 4 to 6pm will start with an introduction from Dr. Ciccarelli focusing on the tools and the methodology needed for data gathering, a fundamental practice in order to understand consumer needs. She will then present a Case Study illustrating a model of digital business, to help the students picture these complex concepts in a more concrete way. During the past week, the LabGovers prepared a questionnaire on Sustainable Fashion and they will take advantage of the knowledge of our guest to analyze it together. In addition to the questionnaire, they also prepared three Personas and their relative Customer Decision’s Journey, which will also be presented to Dr. Ciccarelli and her team.

On Saturday 4th, from 10am to 5pm, the students will work in three groups during the morning to prepare some tasks, which they must complete and present in the afternoon. The first group will take care of the preparation of a digital business model,  the second one will focus on products design, and last but not least, the digital platform will be in the hands of the third group. To conclude the Urban Clinic LAbGov 2020 fourth module, Dr. Ciccarelli will give students a feedback about the investor pitch, for which the students have worked very hard during last weeks, between Zoom meetings, Google Drive, Miro platform and WhatsApp groups. If you are curious to find how our project keeps going entirely digitally and follow us on our social channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!