Save the date: next Saturday, 4th May 2019, Luiss University will host the last meeting of EDU@LabGov in Luiss Community Garden from 10 am to 12am.

In this occasion the LabGovers (students of the Urban Clinic of LabGov) will work to make the last adjustments to the prototype of the project that they have designed during these months. In particular, they will work on inserting the technological elements that respond to the challenges related to sustainable agriculture, energy, tech justice and many more. Furthermore, they will co-design the event in which they will present their ideas to the public!

This appointment will represent the last moment to put into practice definitively the topics they have discuss during this Urban Clinic of LabGov A.A 2018/2019.

As always, if you are interested in following their work, follow our official social networks!

This is a very last moment before the final event.