Commons in the political space, for a post capitalist transition – The Interviews

What are relations between commons and politics?

In the last few years, the commons have enriched themselves with their entry into political institutions at the level of states, large cities or regions, whether in Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Britain, France, Italy, and elsewhere in the world. How can this encounter inspire us? How does the commons paradigm fit with other proposals for a post-capitalist alternative, such as de-growth, social and solidarity economy, political ecology, open cooperativism, and much more? How to avoid the “commons washing” and recovery of the project and the values ​​of the commons in the dominant discourse?

The video “Les communes dans l’espace politique”, produced by Remix The Commons, is based on workshops and interviews conducted at the World Social Forum and at the GSEF World Forum on Social Economy in Montreal August and September 2016.

Professor Christian Iaione, LabGov coordinator, was between the experts and practitioners interviewed in this occasion. In his speech he touches on different topics: from the experiences that are taking place in numerous Italian cities around the urban commons to the importance of creating a stronger network of cities committed to addressing emerging urban issues; from the understanding of the value of experimentation to development of the capacity to address failure; from the importance to involve all local actors in the care and regeneration of the urban commons to the exigency of rethinking the role of the State and of the local administration.

Listen to the complete interview here:

The videos originally appeared on the Remix the Commons website.