Build Baton Rouge Receives $5M Grant in JPMorgan Chase’s AdvancingCities Challenge is proud to be collaborating with Build Baton Rouge, an initiative that won a 2020 AdvancingCities award!

“Build Baton Rouge’s 2020 AdvancingCities award will help fund Masterplan programs that will eliminate blight, grow small businesses, and preserve housing affordability in North Baton Rouge, Louisiana (US). To accomplish these goals and deliver the grant’s objectives, Build Baton Rouge has partnered with Metromorphosis, TruFund Financial Services, and Co-City Baton Rouge.” (

Baton Rouge Collaborative in partnership will LabGov.City will effectively carry out two activites:

Community Land Trust
The establishment of a hybrid Community Land Trust/Land Bank entity to preserve North Baton Rouge housing and commercial affordability, and grow concentrated wealth, and create a platform for neighborhood-level capacity building.

Pocket Park
The transformation of a vacant, blighted lot at the corner of Plank Road and Myrtlelawn Drive into a community park designed by students at LSU School of Design and managed by BREC.

source of the image: @buildbatonrouge Instagram

About JPMorgan Chase AdvancingCities
The AdvancingCities competition invites applicants to demonstrate plans that address equity issues such as race and income. The proposed plans must present imaginative solutions to complex systemic challenges and demonstrate a collaborative approach to executing the project goals. Build Baton Rouge was one of only eight applicants chosen to receive this prestigious and generous award.

Visit the Build Baton Rouge Website to learn more about their project!