Georgetown Law in Washington DC is hosting the “Celebrating Commons Scholarship” Conference, co-chaired by Professor Sheila Foster, co-founder of Labgov, and Professor Brigham Daniels, as part of the International Association for the Study of the Commons World #Commons Week.

This conference will draw on the expertise of scholars across disciplines, from within and beyond Georgetown University, to illustrate the breadth and richness of commons scholarly inquiry. The panels cover a wide range of topics from environmental commons to urban commons, housing, a practicioners lab that will present experiences of Community Land Trusts in the US (New York City) and Brasil (Rio de Janeiro). Elena De Nictolis will present a paper on the evaluation of the #Bologna Regulation on the urban commons carried out within the CoBologna program together with Professor Ivana Pais (associate Professor of Economic Sociology at Cattolica University of Milan) providing an analysis and guidelines drawing on the lessons learned from this experimentation. 

The program is available here: