OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALabGov will be present to the 26th edition of Forum PA the annual faire of the innovation in the administration and in the territorial systems. Three days of conferences, meeting and laboratories will be organized in the Palazzo dei Congressi of Rome. LabGov will be present all three days for bringing the experiences of collaborative governance of the commons acquired with projects thoughout Itally such as in Mantova, Palermo, Battipaglia and Bologna.

The first meeting “Verso una carta della cittadinanza digitale” will be on Tuesday 26th May at 11:30 is organized in collaboration with Stati Generali dell’Innovazione and it aims at analyzing how the use of innovative technologies impacts on citizens’ rights.

On Wednesday 27th May at 09:30 the Future of Government Group organizes the Fare la #RivoluzionePA con la partecipazione: come e perché, a meeting devoted to peer to peer learning on new tools and methodologies for improving citizens engagement, participation and collaboration. Prof. Christian Iaione, LabGov’s Coordinator will make a keynote speech on the Collaboraive governance as a paradigm for overcoming the traditional dicotomy between public, private and commons approaches.

Finally, on Thursday 28th MappiNa, a strart up dealing with the collaborative mapping of the cites, organizes Collaborative mapping e politiche attive per beni comuni a meeting devoted to the new phenomenon of collaborative mapping as bottom-up instrument for interpreting and living the city.