Sfrutta_zero_2015.jpg.140x140_q85_cropEnvironment, land use and agriculture are particularly relevant issues to discuss in these months. This is due to Expo Milan 2015 and all the discussions carried on about our environment and the way in which all of us are (not) taking care of it.

But, with this short article, we want to support and share an initiative that contrast one of the worst issue that hamper agriculture in some of the southern Italian regions. It is the caporalato, a criminal phenomenon through which immigrants are used and forced to work in the fields irregularly.

This wonderful initiative is promoted by three southern Italian realities, Diritti a Sud (from Nardò, Lecce), Netzanet-Solidaria (from Bari) and Osservatorio Migranti Basilicata – Fuori dal Ghetto (from Venosa and Potenza) that together are producing tomato purée’s bottles with the common label SfruttaZero on them.

They are spreading their crowdfunding campaign in order to buy raw materials, tools and machineries, and to share their idea, that is “to realize a honest production chain of the tomatoes from the seeding to the transformation”. Thanks to this initiative, they are producing high quality tomato purée without mistreatment of the work, in this case, of the immigrants. They want the red gold to become “icon of emancipation, release and hope in a different future”.

What will they do with the money raised? They will buy or grow hundreds of kilograms of tomatoes, ensuring that the workers will be regularly paid. They will transform the tomatoes into tomato purée with the required tools and following the hygienic and sanitary conditions. In bottling, they will use recycled bottles. They will self-manage the distribution in ethical purchasing groups, in local markets, in popular restaurants and canteens and inside the Genuino Clandestino network.

After these good premises, they are willing to experiment a peculiar form of shared self-certification to safeguard who will support and consume the SfruttaZero tomato sauce, thanks to the creation of a path of mutual monitoring on themes concerning the quality of the work.
The Caporali (recruiters of day labourers) will not have space and will be defeated thanks to this great and promising path.

To support the project, you can visit the ProduzioniDalBasso web page or simply share the project through the social networks!