FedercasaLAB recently launched a call for ideas in the context of a broader and innovative process on housing strategies: “Public houses at the time of urban regeneration“.  The call aims at investigating the connection between public housing-based neighborhoods and urban regeneration processes.

The deadline to send proposals is set on July, 12; the proposals will be evaluated by Federcasa Advisory Hub.

FedercasaLAB is a research and experimentation lab promoted by Federcasa working on exploring the actual role of public housing in urban regeneration processes. It is composed by an Advisory Hub and a multidisciplinary research unit.

With this call for ideas, Federcasa wants to broaden the discourse around the role of public housing and of its managers in urban regeneration processe, in order to open up to a confrontation with theoretical follow-ups and innovative practices. Public housing often encounters the deep social discomfort caused by the increase of economic inequalities as well as the tentatives put in place to re-think the city in a regenerative way; from the recovery and requalification experiences of the existing building heritage, to the revitalization of the socio-economic fabric, to the interventions aimed at increasing environmental sustainibility.

In this context, what are the strategies to follow in order to put public houses at the heart of regenerative processes involving whole neighborhoods?

FedercasaLab is going to tackle this and other question through three guiding themes:

  1. Urban spaces: what are the material and immaterial elements that contribute to build the contextual value of urban places?
  2. Innovation: how to abilitate social and technologic innovation that are still not adequately recognised?
  3. Governance: which economic and administrative tools can raise the efficiency of the management of houses and the quality of life of their inhabitants?

The process will follow those steps:

  • 12 June: launch of the call
  • 12 July: deadline of the call
  • 31 August: selection of proposals
  • 3 September/3 October
  • 8 October kick-off of the research unit
  • 31 July 2019: closing of the first cycle of FedercasaLab’s activities

Read the full text of the call here: http://cms.federcasa.it/download.aspx?id=38f501db-d51e-4688-bc72-d2b4672851bd