From the 30th of May to the 1rst of June ISIA ( ) will host a  jam in Rome. A Jam is a collaborative no profit event organized by professional designer. The participants will come from many countries of the world to share ideas on how to generate growth in the services of the public administration, tto produce an improvement in users’ and citizens’ life. The meeting will have a duration of 48 hours and similar meetings will take place simultaneously in many parts of the world. The official motto is “only 48 h to rock the public sector”.

The Global Gov Jam tries to takle  as main issue as the ones faced daily by the Public Administration . The designers will try to think or re-think solutions to improve the PA’s services in an innovative way . At the end of the event any solution that will have emerged will be shared on an online platform..

Designers, developers, students, business people such as startuppers but, above all, managers and employees of the Public Administration will – in the interests of experimentation, innovation, cooperation and healthy competition –  work in multidisciplinary teams led by “mentor” (experts of the sector).

Silvia Minenti, Debborah Navarra and Sharon Ambrosio have been the organizers, who worked with a team composed by Viola Petrella and Daniele Bucci and the mentors Giuseppe Spataro and Raissa Trinci.

Oliver Page, Paola Santoro, Antonio Opromolla and Valentina Volpi will be the speakers .

Gov Jam Rome has as  the main parteners UrbanIta , ISIA  and as sponsors PUSH and Scooterino.


Il 30, 31 e 1 maggio a Roma presso l’ ISIA si terrà una Global Gov Jam in cui le menti di più designer, provenienti da tutto il mondo, si impegneranno a trovare soluzioni innovative nel campo della pubblica amministrazione.  L’evento avrà la durata di 48 ore e avverrà con lo stesso tema e in contemporanea in più parti del mondo .I risultati di tutti i team verranno condivisi e resi pubblici online sulla piattaforma ufficiale dell’evento : .