The City Makers Summit will be held from May 27 to May 30,2016. LabGov, with the presence of Professor Christian Iaione, is getting ready for four days full of innovative inspiration, unlocking know-how and setting agendas, and reflections on the (Im)pact of the city of Amsterdam on the development of the New Urban Agenda.

Professor Iaione will lead two session. The first, more general in character, will consist in a philosophical dialogue on the values and ambitions of the New Europe and on the idea of a Europe managed by People. The second one instead will be one part of the New Democracy series. It will be focused on governance and on the concept of the co-city, with reference to the experience of the Co-Bologna project, and the partecipants will be encouraged to start their own projects and become part of a learning network in Amsterdam.

The City Makers Summit pools knowledge from City Makers from all over Europe and presents innovative ways of creating more livable, thriving, resilient and inclusive cities. City Expeditions all over the Netherlands’ territory will showcase emerging initiatives focusing on urban farming, social design, the redevelopment of industrial heritage, co-housing, the makers movement, social entrepreneurship, inclusion of refugees, the development of collaborative areas, community enterprises, the circular economy, and so on.

Best practices and models of collaboration with multiple stakeholders will be explored and feed into the City Makers Agenda. While the EU member states are adopting the EU Urban Agenda thought the Pact of Amsterdam, City Makers will pay their contribution, share inspiration and know-how, present their input and work towards further co-creation. Do not miss this incredible experience!


Il City Makers Summit si terrà ad Amsterdam dal 27 a 30 Maggio. LabGov, grazie al prezioso contributo del Professor Iaione, è pronto a partecipare a questi quattro giorni pieni di ispirazione per la costruzione di nuovo originale know-how e d’approfondimento dell'(Im)Patto che la città di Amsterdam sta avendo sull’agenda Europea. Non perdetevi questa incredibile esperienza!