From Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th October 2017 the third EUCANET project will be held in Bologna, organized and hosted by the Urban Center Bologna.

The initiative, inaugurated in the presence of Valentina Orioli (Councilor for Urban Planning, Private Household, Environment, Protection and Reconstruction of the Historical Centre),  Giovanni Ginocchini (Director Urban Center Bologna), Valeria Barbi (Urban Projects Coordinator Urban Center Bologna), will include:

  • A public event, dealing with migrants and younger generations, inspired by the good practices of the cities of Skopje (Cluj-Napoca, Romania);
  • A day of visits to places considered as a symbol of urban regeneration and participatory processes;
  • A meeting about the role and the future of the Urban Agencies a few months after the signature of the letter of intent for the establishment of the Italian network of Urban Centers.

There will be on Thursday 19th a policy workshop that will address the roles of urban agencies within the Amsterdam Pact, named “The Amsterdam Pact: what are the main roles to be played by the urban agencies in implementing the pact’s goals? Could the agencies become a cross cutting instrument to be applied within each of the actions described by the Pact?”.

The workshop will start from 10 a.m..

Professor Christian Iaione will be a Keynote Speaker of the policy workshop.

Then, the participants will be divided in 4 groups. The focus of the workshop session will be to discuss on how to increase the commitment of urban agencies within the Amsterdam Pact.

The complete programme is available here.
At the end, from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm, at the Urban Center Atelier Room, there will be held “New forms of participation”, a meeting of the Urban Center national network and a roundtable with the aim of understanding and tracing the new organizational forms needed to support citizens who want not only to be heard and informed, but also to be enabled for new ways of managing the commons.

EUCANET is the European Agencies Network for citizenship, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of communities through the urban transformation process; it has launched a call for best policies and practices. It is co-founded by the Europe for Citizens Programme and it involves five partners from four countries: Urban Center Metropolitano Torino and Urban Center Bologna from Italy, City of Marseille from France, city of Skopje from Macedonia and Cluj Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association from Romania.


Da martedì 17 a giovedì 19 ottobre 2017 si terrà a Bologna, presso Urban Centre Bologna, il terzo appuntamento previsto dal progetto EU.CA.NET. Christian Iaione parteciperà in qualità di Keynote speaker al Policy Workshop che si terrà giovedì 19 a partire dalle 10.