Collaboration and Urban Commons. An inter-Atlantic dialogue on the Bologna Regulation on public collaboration

We feel very honored to have been offered the pleasure to host two internationally prominent scholars:


Professor Sheila Foster – Vice Dean and Albert A. Walsh Professor of Real Estate, Land use and Property law at Fordham University School of Law, Visiting Professor at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, co-director of the Stein Center for Law and Ethics,


Professor Giacinto Della Cananea – Full professor of Administrative Law at University of Rome Tor Vergata and member of the Presidential Council of the Italian Supreme Audit Institution.



Once upon a time, under the Fordist regime of capital accumulation, there was no space for considering collective action as a means for reflecting on the urban commons.

However the economic crisis and the post modern socio-cultural upheaval have drawn the contours for a new urban outline, in the sense of refreshing the understanding of collective action and its nexus with the neighbourhood.

The perception here is that of a transformative evolution of the capacity of the citizens to serve and cultivate urban life.

Truly it is not surprising that cities are not viewed anymore as storage loci for the depletion of common resources, albeit we cannot simply consider the realm of Commons as a ready to go policy.

In effect the fairy tail of the urban commons faltered on the slippery terrain of the regulatory framework.

On the other hand, the congestion and the rivalry upon the use and exploitation of resources leave no room for development and growth, at least if the current structural paradigm is not questioned.

Europe and America are currently experiencing the nightmare of resources degradation, thus our challenge is to find and implement solutions for the governance of the Commons, in such a way that all the community should eventually play a positive sum game.


The workshop, moderated by Professor Christian Iaione, aims at opening a discussion with the audience for understanding and debating the Urban Commons, with a specific focus on the Inter-Atlantic dialogue and on the Bologna Regulation on Public Collaboration. The English version has been edited by 2013/2014 Labgov interns and it is now the official version adopted by the City of Bologna.


LUISS and LabGov are pleased to welcome you on October 31st on the Viale Romania 32 Campus, Toti Classroom, from 16.00 to 19.00


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