Urban social regeneration

We already talked about urban regeneration, as something that goes hand in hand with the structuring of the urban network and its spaces.

Without any doubt, the territory is full of qualities and resources that are not only physical assets.

However since there is no power without control, regeneration is also about participation and governance.

We are used to imagine the urban environment as something populated by a collection of independent individuals and rational decision makers, which make choices as a consequence of an opportunistic calculation.


Fortunately there are actors and situations that prove that such assumption is biased: indeed there is a crescent flow of urban stakeholders that are guided and inspired by a model of deliberative democracy, which resides in the right to participate to a collective decision by influencing the content.

To make it simple, we strongly believe that the discourse is nowadays oriented toward a community development, whereas the dominant paradigm becomes the collaborative governance.

In this sense, the urban resources have to be filled with a technological content, the social one, which shall permit active participation by citizens and cooperation with institutions, administrations, corporations, associations and universities.

The real value added is the latent potential of people, not their hyper individualization.


Certainly, the discourse cannot omit a range of issues that have to be prioritized: economic sustainability, availability of assets and mapping of resources, urban architecture and the relationship with institutional actors.


On 14th November at 16.00 in LUISS Guido Carli University, we will have the chance to meet several experts and to launch a debate upon the urban social regeneration.

With the participation of Daniela Patti (project TUTUR) and Stefano Simoncini (Open city project), LabGov will have the pleasure to host the conference; the objective is to transform the meeting into a co-working session and to promote the dialogue between all the participants.


We aim at creating a concrete and usable output for all the presents.



Further info about participants and program at :

14 nov Finale Corretta