Let’s begin! The first module: Idea Generation Lab will take place on February 21th and 22th

The first module will be dedicated to Open Innovation and Open Business modeling.

 On Friday the 21st the first workshop will take place in classroom 305b from 4pm to 6pm in the Luiss campus located at Viale Romania 32.

The Urban Clinic will host Maria Isabella Leone, professor at the department of Business and Management and executive director of the master in Open Innovation and Intellectual Property. As an expert in open innovation she will analyze some examples of firms that successfully adopted approaches based on open innovation. This workshop will provide students many insights to stimulate their creativity so to come up with some ideas to tackle our challenge.

On Saturday the 22nd the firs co-working session will take place in classroom 103b from 10am to 5pm at the Luiss campus located in Viale Romania 32.

The Urban Clinic will host Alessandro Piperno, Luiss PhD student in Management. During the co-working session, the students will be divided into three groups, each group has to develop an idea’s proposal able to overcome our challenge. Every group will then present its idea to the rest of the students and work on a power point presentation to redefine it and analyze in depth the topic. Once the idea generation process will be gone underway, Alessendro Piperno will explain to students the basic notions to carry out a business model so to provide students with practical skills that will help them turn their ideas into reality.