ReinventAda+ cultural regeneration in Villa Ada

10415586_10152320149403020_4162623313737416549_nOn June 26th, 2014, LabGov has organized an event together with the social and cultural club La Calzoleria to regenerate the Temple of Flora in the roman park Villa Ada. The event has been organized with the cooperation of the Roman Superintendence for the Cultural Goods and the representatives of the public Administration have been willing to work together with the students, their professors and the General Manager of LUISS Guido Carli, Giovanni Lo Storto. Among the authorities who joined us, there were Alberta Campitelli, Manager of the Roman Historical parks, Agnese Micozzi, Cultural Assessor of the II Municipality and Giuseppe Gerace, President of the II Municipality of Rome. Following the words of the Head of the Political Science Department of LUISS professor Sebastiano Maffettone, who during his readings about Gandhi and Kant stressed “the importance of changing ourselves before pretending that others change”, the Labgovers decided to continue the work that had been started last October. The first ReinventAda event had been meant to restore the original beauty of the Temple. This time, the regeneration has been followed by “Intimismi”, an event of cultural entertainment provided by La Calzoleria with live music by the band Marcello e il mio amico Tommaso, and Luca Bertelli, who played a Swiss uncommon instrument called Hang. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with Urban Decorations the guests have been able to assist to a live painting exhibition by the artist Lorenzo Properzi. The aim of the Laboratory was to set an example for the future, of active citizenship and a collaboration with the various associations, institutional entities, as well as civic and business subjects interested in achieving cultural and entertainment activities to re-appraise the Temple of Flora and restore its former function of meeting place and cultural exchange. We hence presented a Pact of Collaboration for the care and shared governance of urban commons, starting with the Temple. “Regeneration -as professor Christian Iaione declared- means a permanent and continuous care and shared responsibility.”