Expo 2015 and the Italian Pavilion, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, are promoting two contests about food.

The first one is dedicated to the launch of a startup about food. It is called “Start up Food” and it will collect ideas for entrepreneurial startups that value food, its processing and sale. Three of the selected ideas will be awarded with a 15.000 euros prize each, with the purpose to launch the startup. Moreover, the winners will benefit from specialized complement services, dispensed by the employment services in charge, for the creation of the enterprise.

The second one, “Movie your Food – Young Video Maker”, will involve young people in projects and initiatives, promoted by the Youth Guarantee.

The first three trailers in the rank will be awarded with a two 2.000 euros prize each, to be spent for the attendance of educational activities (such as master’s programmes or improvement courses) to be identified and proposed by the winner.

To every winner will be given visibility in the scheduling and in the calendar of the Italian Pavilion’s events.

Young people between 15 and 29 years old can apply to both contests, if they have adhered to the Youth Guarantee Programme and if they are endorsed by an Employment Services Office.

In order to apply, it is necessary to log in with your own credentials in the Cliclavoro restricted area and fill in the fields “Start Up Food” or “Movie Your Food”.

Here you are the guidelines for both the contests:

Deadline: July the 10th, 6pm.



Il Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali, assieme a Expo2015 e al Padiglione Italia, promuove due contest in scadenza il 10 luglio.

Entrambi riguardano il cibo e le sue trasformazioni, tema dell’esposizione universale milanese di questi mesi.
In particolare, il primo (Startup Food) offre la possibilità di lanciare un’impresa a vocazione alimentare, mentre il secondo (Movie your Food) offre la possibilità a giovani video maker di frequentare corsi di specializzazione o master.

Per maggiori informazioni, visitare il seguente link.