GrInn Lab – March 9-10, 2024

GrInn Lab – March 9-10, 2024

Exploring the future of energy at GrInnLab!

From insightful presentations on Energy Communities to in-depth legal discussions, our weekend was a journey into Sustainable Innovation. The teams are now shaping the future through their collaborative projects.


X-Labs – March 7, 2024

X-Labs – March 7, 2024

The X-Labs teams, together with their mentors, are exploring future scenarios, planning transformative visions, and gathering data through in-depth research to develop horizontal and systemic solutions based on a multi-actor approach and cross-sector innovation.

Today, the three teams worked on building the First Prototype to prepare for the upcoming meeting, March 21, where they will participate in the Crash Test, at CTE Roma – Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti (Tiburtina Station).

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GrInn Lab 2024 Kick Off Day – February 23rd, 2024

GrInn Lab 2024 Kick Off Day – February 23rd, 2024

The GrInn Lab is a laboratory dedicated to innovation for sustainable development through experimentation at the urban, local and territorial levels, combining theoretical research, applied research, innovation (including social innovation) and technology transfer. Addressing the challenges and ruptures that the ecological and technological transition is producing, the lab is based on an ecosystem approach to innovation in the dual sense of targeting the production of complex ecological, cultural, and social impacts and aiming to involve five main urban actors: public, private, social, educational-cultural-scientific, local communities, and vulnerable urban dwellers (in particular, the younger generation, the weaker social groups, etc.).

The GrInn Lab, which will see the active participation of Lab alumni, Ph.D. students, researchers, managers, public administrators, and third-sector professionals, is structured around five basic pillars:

  • Climate and Technological Justice
  • Heritage and Entrepreneurial Communities
  • Common Goods
  • Solidarity, Collaboration, Civic Innovation
  • Circular and Energy Neighborhoods and Communities.
  • Emerging technologies for sustainable development.

The activities of the GrInn Lab, an innovation lab dedicated to the sustainable development of territories and cities, officially began on Friday Feb. 23, 2024.
During the program, students will have the opportunity to develop essential skills for the professional world, including teamwork, public speaking and advanced digital skills. In addition to gaining a solid understanding of sustainable innovation in urban areas, the GrInn Lab aims to foster the personal and professional growth of Luiss Guido Carli students, as well as those from ITS and high schools.

The students, organized into 4 groups, will tackle challenges with the guidance of mentors. Together, they will explore sustainable urban models that can provide innovative services to urban communities. They will also seek tangible solutions to combat climate change and promote economic, environmental and social sustainability.

X-Labs Kick Off Day – February 8th, 2024

X-Labs Kick Off Day – February 8th, 2024

February 8th, 2024. X-Labs 2024 has begun.

The X-Labs will be developed in 12 weeks of hybrid sessions (remote and in-presence) scheduled from February to the last week of April, and in a final pitching session, in the presence of partners, institutions and stakeholders. 

The course is developed around the principles of enquiry-based education, supporting students to work with teachers and researchers, public institutions, companies and exposing them to the challenges and dynamics of contemporary work environments, transforming the ‘training on the job’ model into the ‘job on the training’ model. 

Participants work in teams in collaboration with mentors – representatives of the institutions involved – to create solutions to a set of challenges. The teams consist of 7-9 participants and the activities, to be carried out simultaneously, have a very high intensity: students and mentors explore future scenarios, plan transformative visions, collect data, conduct in-depth research, conduct interviews, gather feedback to co- design and refine projects / services / new business models. In dialogue with the entire Luiss and ecosystem, they complete assigned tasks, completing the activities set during the sessions. At the end of the course, they present their solution to a selected panel of experts, which can find further development as a pilot project in the company or as a startup development project for further implementation support. 

For 2024, the challenges of X-Labs will be grouped into three labs and each of them will be divided into two communicating and mutually inspiring sub-categories. The aim is to develop horizontal and systemic solutions based on a multi-actor approach and cross-sectoral innovation: 

Future of Cities/Regions & Transportation/Mobility

Future of Earth & Wellbeing

Future of Energy, Networks and Manufacturing

Welcome on board!