Greenmore: a project of sharing economy for urban agriculture




The project is called “Greenmore”, its creators are IED and Coldiretti Giovani and the city of Milan is the first Italian hub. What am I writing about? A project on sustainable agriculture designed and promoted by young people for the rooftops and other unconventional spots of our cities.

The idea stems from the fact that by 2050, 80% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. One of the biggest challenge of this phenomenon of  migration is that agriculture, as it was known all along, will need to adapt to the urban environment. The possibility to move at least part of the daily production of food in the city is something that needs ideas and further analysis.

In Italy, 1 out of 4 people, spend some time on do-it-yourself agriculture. However, the majority of these people are adults. New generations, on the other hand, are not involved, and apparently, not interested in this topic. Apparently.

In 2009 a pilot project called Campagna Amica was at the base of the biggest European network of food trade, with more than 20,000 points of sale. This campaign represented the starting point of a cultural trend that is gaining more and more momentum, also among young people.

Thanks to a working process of some 4 month, IED and Coldiretti Giovani, developed a project that is ready-to-use for all the municipalities and farmers that may be interested in implementing urban agriculture. What it does emerge is that through the use of platforms – mobile and social connection – it is really possible to promote the consumption of food and products that are made “in your backyard”. Literally.

The creative process was based on the experience of other realities – Detroit in particular, a city that was destroyed in the aftermath of the collapse of its industrial structure, and that, only through a change in the attitude of its most dynamic citizens is experiencing a second birth. From motor-town to farmer-town.

The project designed by these young people is easy to replicate, appealing, cozy, open and technological. LabGov, this year, was the promoter and the designer of a garden for the LUISS University. For this, and many other reasons, the Greenmore project and its future development will be observed and studied with great attention.

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Gli orti urbani stanno prendendo piede in tutto il mondo. In Italia anche ci sono delle esperienze che stanno emergendo in termini di innovazione, replicabilità e apertura ad un pubblico eterogeneo.

Il progetto, chiamato Greenmore, è stato sviluppato a seguito di 4 mesi di incontri, da giovani designer dello IED e di Coldiretti Giovani. L’idea è quella di creare un modello che possa rendere il più facile possibile l’avvio di piccoli orti in contesti urbani, sfruttando i principi e i benefici della sharing economy.

Il coinvolgimento dei giovani è favorito da l’utilizzo di piattaforme che garantiscano la creazione di spazi smart e conviviali, in cui anche l’estetica gioca un ruolo essenziale. Questo progetto, e quelli simili che nascono, meritano tutta l’attenzione possibile. Portare un po’ di verde e di profumi tra i tetti e i palazzi delle grandi città è un fine meritorio di per sé. LabGov da questo punto di vista non fa e non farà mancare il suo impegno.