Luiss: one of a kind!

What makes LUISS University unique? The answer may be more than one: we could talk about its students, its faculty, its staff and all the associations existing within it. Recently it has been developed a project that aims at riching the capital of our university and it is the “community garden”. The idea, which has been proposed and implemented by the dean of the University, Mr. Giovanni Lo Storto, immediately captured the attention of a group of student swho, thanks to the Laboratory for the Governance of Commons, had the opportunity to discover the benefits and privileges of being able to share a garden within the University. The laboratory gives the possibility to concretely understand the meaning of words such as “sharing“, “cooperation” and “sustainability“. Moreover it aims at making the LUISS community aware of the huge benefits that could be gained from the garden management. Through the ideas, efforts, energies, skills and talents shared within LabGov we were able to put in practice our talents and creativity. Thanks to the garden ,we discovered a place where the mind can finally be unbound from competitiveness, daily stress and negative thoughts. Working in the garden, having a contact with the nature and having the possibility to work with your own hands, allows you to liberate your mind from classical procedurals chemes and to develop collateral talents and skills. Planting a tree, a vegetable or anaromatic plant and observing its daily growth gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction. It’s not an individual work but a social one. The garden needs a lot of care and attention which comes from the cooperative work of the community. However it is amazing how sharing experiences could be so entertaining and constructive at the same time.

The two fold experience of manual work and theoryis a perfect combination for refining ours kills; moreover, not only the experience of the laboratory is a perfect way for developing an eco-friendly attitude and lifestyle, but it also creates the bases for building a strong professional figure and character. LabGov could be defined as a genuine community, an incubator of passions and talents, made out by different people which share similar interests and that believe in values such as sustainability, collaboration and care for the Commons. LabGov is open to everyone and welcomes enthusiastically all the new people who want to get involved. The entire LUISS community is welcomed at the opening event on 26th November, where we will have the pleasure to inaugurate the garden. We are sure that you will all be fascinated by this unique world.



LUISS: unica nel suo genere!

Cosa rende Luiss unica nel suo genere? Semplice! Un orto condiviso.
Il progetto ha subito avuto successo all’interno della comunità Luiss, e grazie al supporto del Laboratorio per la governance dei beni comuni l’interesse degli studenti per la sostenibilità, la collaborazione e la condivisione si è concretizzato. L’orto è motivo di orgoglio e soddisfazione e sarà inaugurato il 26 novembre 2014, così da dare a tutti coloro che ancora non hanno avuto la fortuna di ‘sporcarsi le mani’ di mettere in pratica le proprie capacità.