Locandina 4-5 marzo


On the 4th of March Tessy Britton will be the guest of Labgov for the next workshop. She is going to explain us her brilliant project: Participatory City. That project was born for the necessity of people to live more sustainably, participating all together. It is a new participatory system in London: together with residents they designed and tested new projects to re-organise the neighbourhood for every day benefits. The place will offer opportunities and conditions where people can cultivate themselves.

In the second part of the workshop and on the 5th of March we will continue to work on our project CO-Roma with some experts.

They will be exciting days!!


Nella giornata del 4 Marzo sarà ospite di LabGov Tessy Britton, direttrice e co-fondatrice del progetto Participatory City a Londra. Nella prima parte del workshop illustrerà il suo lavoro e nella seconda, che si concluderà il giorno seguente 5 Marzo, seguiranno le attività di co-progettazione del processo CO-Roma.