The first co-working session is around the corner.

On 16 and 17 October, Labgov will present the first co-working session for Labgov 2016.

This two-day workshop is based on the proposal to imagine Rome in an innovative way.

The project CO-ROMA is focused on the idea that a city should learn to share, collaborate and cooperate with the institutions, the civil society, universities and all the possible stakeholders in order to create a collaborative community, that wants to improve the quality of life and save the Italian cognitive and cultural heritage.

The programme of this first co-working-day will be structured into four working groups, which will be: urban design; communication; community organization through service design, and sustainability.

The most competent experts in every field will hold the round tables; they will transfer their know-how to the neo-labgovers, and they will imagine all together this transformation for Rome.

Several forces are already present in this new collaborative city: active citizens, voluntary associations, schools, urban gardens, co-working spaces, fab-labs, business leaders, and professionals for the common good.

Moreover, on Saturday morning at 9.00 am, the 2016 Labgov students will work for the first time in the garden, with our technical partner for horticulture, Zappata Romana. It will be a fantastic weekend, full of experiences and adventures. The detailed programme will be published as soon as possible.

For further information, please write to our official address.


LabGov 16-17 ottobre