Civic collaboration day !

On Saturday May the 4th, as the weather was bad, the bike tour organised for the Civic Collaboration day was cancelled and postponed. Instead, from 10am to 11am, the Rome Collaboratory set up a visit of the Tunnel of Centocelle. Wearing helmets and accompanied with headlamps, the whole group followed two members of Roma Sotterranea – an Association comprising archeologists and speleologists- who made a presentation on the tunnel history.

Visit of the Centocelle Tunnel

At the same time, the Rugantino library in the Centocelle neighborhood hosted a petition (signature-collection), which was set up by the LabGov team in the context of the national signature-collection coordinated by the Rodotà Committee. The latter aims, in particular, to change the definition of “Good” and decline it in three different types: public good, private good and common goods.

Presentation by Pr. Raffaele di Raimo

At 11am at the Rugantino library, the professor Raffaele di Raimo, lecturer at the University of Salento in Civil Law, made a presentation on the project and objectives of the Rodotà committee. Starting with the definition of common good namely “good essential to the exercise of fundamental rights”, he developed an explanation on the existing legal framework encompassing for instance; “beni pubblici sovrani”, “beni pubblici patrimoniali”. He clarified the “legge delega” process, the privatization process and eventually concluded underlining the need for more citizen legitimacy.