Luiss University invites outstanding scholars to express their interest for one Associate/Full professorship of Law and Governance of Innovation.

The Department of Law of Luiss University invites outstanding scholars to express their interest for one Associate/Full professorship of Law and Governance of Innovation. Ideal candidates will show a passionate drive to engage in Luiss University’s dynamic and stimulating academic environment and contribute to its further development. Candidates must hold a PhD from a leading university and have teaching experience.

They will have research experience on, and intend to pursue research projects in, the field of Law and Governance of Innovation. A focus on public law and policy, urban law and policy, sustainable development, digital innovation and equality, governance of the commons, environmental, climate and social justice, social innovation and emerging technologies is required. 

This course will be offered within the Master program Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability. One of the main objectives of the program is to make students confront themselves with concrete projects. The idea is that the original training on the job concept is overturned and replaced by a new one: job on the training. Students, from the beginning, must engage in job-like activities for them to achieve practical skills that will be crucial for their professional career. The aim of the master program is to give birth to managers of complexity who, with their skills, can face the upcoming global challenges. Therefore, ideal candidates must show particular attention to applied research in the above-mentioned fields and the ability to think out of the box. To face such challenges professors and students can count on the partnership with LabGov.City – the LABoratory for the GOVernance of the City as a Commons – an international network of theoretical, empirical and applied research platforms engaged in exploring and developing methods, policies, and projects focused on the shared and collaborative management of urban spaces and resources. LabGov is co-directed by Professor Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione and is mainly active within Georgetown University and Luiss Guido Carli University. The master program conceives multidisciplinarity as a key driver for innovation and sustainability so, for this reason, candidates are welcome to consider the possible intersections among different fields in order to exploit them to deliver ground-breaking knowledge.

Luiss University is specialised in Social Sciences and educates over 9,500 students, providing a diverse and international learning environment that weaves academic rigour with practical relevance. Among various projects in line with this methodology it is worth to mention the Blockchain and Innovation Law Lab (BILL). This lab focuses on promoting and developing prominent research on an international level, concerning the relationship between law and technological innovations, with a major focus on DLT and blockchain-related technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Infrastructures applying a multi- and inter- disciplinary approach. With over 200 international institutional partnerships, the University has developed strong connections with the business community, government institutions and civil society. Moreover, Luiss University engages in the university’s third mission meaning that the knowledge produced must benefit society as a whole and foster social, cultural and economic development.   

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application by November 18th, 2:00PM (CET, UTC +1).

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