Presentation of the Biodistrict

On June 6th the presentation of the Biodistrict will take place at the Granarone Palazzo in Cerveteri, a town in the province of Rome.

It will be the opportunity for farmers, citizens, tour operators, associations and public administrations to discuss the implementation of good agricultural practices, with a particular attention on resources’ management and protection of the territory. Economic fallout is indeed to be combined with the valorization of the territory and its peculiarities to ensure a personalised economic, social and cultural development.


6 pm: Opening with institutional greetings

Alessio Pascucci: Mayor of Cerveteri

Elena Gubetti: Coucilor on the Policies regarding the protection and the valorisation of the environment

Riccardo Ferri: Coucilor on the protection and boost of the environment

6.15 pm: What is a biodistrict? What advantages can it bring? How to join it?

An intervention by Massimiliano Mattiuzzo representant of the II Committee promoting the biodistrict and Claudio Caramadre from the firm Caramadre

Other presentations by:

Dr. Massimo Bistacchia: “I Terzi vegetable gardens”

Dr. Fabiana Dalmotto: “The biological agricultural firm Guendalina Morani”

Dr. Architecture Maria Beatrice Caldani and mayor delegate for the protection of the agricultural landscape: “The Biodistrict as an innovative tool for the protection and saveguard of the agricultural landscape: the figure of the landscape architect and the new productive activities for the territory development”.

Dr. Architecture Lucia Rivosecchi, landscape architect Soci AIAPP