Citizens together for Poveglia

isola-di-poveglia-dallaltoAn interesting story about the care of the commons comes from the Venetian lagoon. Poveglia, a precious island of seven hectars, has been the object of an auction: the winner will have the right to manage the island – now defined as Italian heritage – for 99 years.

An association of Venetian citizens – Poveglia per tutti – has launched a crowdfunding campaign to participate in the auction, with the objective to guarantee that this island will be a common managed and enjoyed by the community and open to everyone.

In a few days hundreds of  thousand euros have been collected and Poveglia per tutti has been able to participate in the auction. However, a private company has presented an higher offer, and the competent governmental Agency is now considering the issue.

We will continue to follow the story of Poveglia, as it looks like this civil society initiative has stimulated the interest of the City of Venice, and perhaps this island has a chance not to become another failed Venetian luxury hotel where public access is not allowed.