CO-Bologna runs towards new cooperative forms of governance of the commons: a focus on Bolognina site.

Work is continuing on CO-Bologna project, the cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Bologna and Fondazione del Monte of Bologna and Ravenna to deepen and continue in the innovative process and administrative trial started in 2011, aiming to promoting cooperative forms of governance of the commons.


On Tuesday, 7th of June, a first workshop took place in Bolognina, one of the sites of CO-Bologna project. Bolognina’s main purpose is acting as a link between the different planning actors already existing, in order to increase their potential and to offer them new occasions to collaborate. The whole process is supported by Federcasa, which looks at it as an useful experimentation for the innovation of housing policies at a national level.

This first workshop aimed to start knowing the inhabitants of two buildings of the area, and to get them involved in a first process based on the identification of their needs, their talents and their availability to start creating networks and collaborative solutions. It has been a fundamental step towards the implementation of the process.


The participants and the facilitators of the workshop (both from Kilowatt and LabGov) scheduled their next meeting for Monday, 10th of July. They will organize a “common dinner” in the building’s yard, where every participant will contribute with a special dish and with their experiences.

Read the complete report of the workshop here!



Continuano i lavori per il progetto CO-Bologna, il patto di collaborazione tra Comune di Bologna e Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna per approfondire e proseguire nel processo di innovazione e sperimentazione amministrativa avviato nel 2011 e diretto a promuovere la collaborazione per la gestione dei beni comuni. Il cantiere Bolognina ha ospitato, lo scorso 7 giugno, un primo workshop conoscitivo con gli inquilini di due edifici di proprietà ACER. È stato un primo passo fondamentale per identificare insieme i loro bisogni e i loro talenti, e per iniziare a costruire insieme soluzioni collaborative. Appuntamento al prossimo 10 luglio!

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