LabGov in Croatia: “4th Conference on Good Economy” and “Good City for All” Seminar

There is one kind of economy which is good: it is the economy which supports the quality of life of the whole community, creates the abundance of possibilities and opportunities needed to satisfy our needs without hurting others, embraces responsibility and nourishes solidarity. It is the economy which uses and shares the resources fairly, which respects the sustainability of the system.

It is about this kind of economy that the participants in the “4th Conference on Good Economy” will talk about during the conference that will take place in Zagreb from Thursday the 23rd to Saturday the 25th of March 2017. The conference, organized by The Green Network of Activist Groups and by Dobra Ekonomija will be a great occasion for speakers coming from all over the world to meet and exchange knowledge and experience on good economy models. From Delhi to Berlin, from Paris to Barcelona, Sarajevo, Wien, Lincoln or Rome, different practices have been developing: we observe the emergence of “collaborative economy” practices, “open factories”, ecological social enterprises, participatory and democratic governance experiences, collective ownership, and much more.

Professor Christian Iaione, LabGov co-founder, has been invited to the conference to speak about the idea of the “City as a commons” (discussed in this paper) and about the possibility to develop a urban co-governance framework. It will also be an occasion to present the experimentations conducted by LabGov in different Italian cities and in the international arena.

The “City as a Commons” and LabGov experience with urban co-governance in the city of Bologna will also be presented by Professor Christian Iaione during the “Good City for All” seminar, which will take place from the 24th to the 26th of March in the area of the Plitvice lakes. During the event the participants will address important questions, such as how we can coordinate and strengthen civil society’s strategies to tackle urban issues and influence the political agenda positively, within the framework of a European debate on the transformative power of urban politics in a two-fold event.


Nei prossimi giorni il Professor Christian Iaione, co-fondatore di LabGov, sarà in Croazia per parlare dell’idea di “The City as a commons” e delle sperimentazioni sviluppate da LabGov a Bologna e in diverse città italiane e straniere con lo scopo di sviluppare nuove forme di co-governance urbana.