New websites, new tools to advocate for the governance of the city as a #commons


Urban commons studies and policies are increasingly acquiring public interest, giving a stronger transformative potential to the concept of the governance of the city as a commons.

This potential also relies on our ability as a community of urban commons researchers, practitioners, social innovators, public authorities, institutions and representatives to communicate the shared vision to advocate for a just and democratic city by generating new urban storytelling from the common work we are committed to.

The Co-City approach – consolidated in Europe and North America and experimented in cities of the Global South –  enhancing local authorities’ capacity and leveraging value of collaboration within local communities, represents an original and proactive approach to implement the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

LabGov, in this moment of transformation and evolution, found strategical to put a special effort in communication to have a stronger voice in contributing to the common goals of promoting shared, collaborative and polycentric urban governance.

Renewed and redesigned, the websites will become platforms to coordinate all LabGovs’ works, insights and news form partners and best practices we are involved in as well as latest theoretical and academic publications.

Discover new sections and features like:

To be consistent with its evolution, LabGov also renewed its visual identity and created new communications tools.

Find the guidelines here and download the new brochure here.

For us each step represents a new start, built on the past but with all challenges and opportunities to come. Confident in our partners willingness to join us in spreading urban commons messages, more tools, media buzz and networking activities will follow to the launch of today, so, please keep connected and stay tuned!

LabGov Comms Team