RENA – Festival delle Comunità del Cambiamento

From October 7th to 9th Milan is hosting RENA – Festival delle Comunità del Cambiamento. This third edition of the Festival has the aim of building bridges between communities, individuals and organizations who work to rigenerate the urban, social and economic of the Country.


Organized in collaboration with BASE Milano and thanks to the sustain of Fondazione Cariplothe Festival will try to answer some of those questions: which are the main challenges that Italy will have to face next years? What is our contribution in trying to face them? What do we have to do to exit the world of experimentation and begin to generate real changes?

LabGov will attend the Festival, with is co-founder Christian Iaione, on Sunday (October 9th): from 12 AM to 2 PM, a panel on “Innovation in urban governance and participative processes” will be held. Professor Iaione will be talking about participative governance experiences in Italy with other experts and members of local administrations from all over Italy: Matteo Lepore (deputy Mayor of Bologna), Nicola Masella from Naples, Fabrizio Barbiero from Turin, Gloria Cerliani from Piacenza, Daniele Terzariol from San Donà di Piave and Claudio Cavaresi (Avanzi). The panel will be moderate by Simone D’Antonio (ANCI).

The full program of the Festival is available on its official website: